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Advertising On Calibay.com

Advertise On Calibay.com where week after week Calibay fliers are distributed by radio stations street teams, promoting the site in all the major and upcoming cities state wide at a variety and non-discrimatory events. Including but not limited to the following sports events, live concerts, gatherings, nite clubs, private parties, educational institutions public & private at all levels, fundraisers and grand openings. Good for club promoters, independent striving artist local and far.

Banner Advertising Only Includes:

Your ad appearing on the affiliate page of our website
Statistics such as click-through’s, impressions, and click through rate on request
Your banner links directly to your site
Animation is allowed in banner graphics design
Banner graphic size as large as 15kb
You may use up to five (5) individual banners at a time at no extra charge. Banners will rotate randomly
Free text ad on Block Report webpageNumber Of Months Cost Per Month 1 month$40.00 2-6 months$30.00 7-9 months$20.00 10-12 months$10.00
Banner Specifications Gif, gif89a or jpeg image format
Non-ransparent Image
Size is 400 pixels wide x 60 pixels high
Animation is allowed in graphic
Graphic size is 15Kb or under
Up to five banners can be used at any given time
Animated and multiple banners are suggested for better ad performance

Your Album Cover Only Advertising Includes:

Your album cover will appear on our advertising / event webpage on our site
Your ad links directly to your site
Animation is allowed for the cover / graphics design
Free permanent text ad link in our Block Report
Album will be added to store
up to 3 streaming audio clips
short bio about the artist, group Number Of Months Cost Per Month 1 month $40.00 2-6 months$30.00 7-9 months$20.00 10-12 months$10.00
Album Cover Ad Specifications GIF, GIF 89a or JPEG image format
Non-Transparent Image
Size is 300 pixels wide x 100 pixels high
Animation is allowed in graphic

Full Advertisement

Features: Up to 3 streaming audio clips / advertising product or / event hosted on our server
Up to 3 Pictures of the artist, group, presentation, or venue
Short bio about the artist, group, or company
Website link
Email listing of up to four clients
Phone number
Banner placed on affiliate webpage
Album cover ad appearing on Advertisement webpage
Write up on the Block Report webpage
Optional links to interviews, reviews, and store where products can be purchased
Mailing list inserts ( inserts include, title, web link, and a 2-3 sentence ad )Monthly: Only $100.00 Act Now Receive One Month FREE Your add will appear on the particular web-page of our website until it reaches the end of the desired contract length. ( you have no obligation to keep this ad longer than 1 month )

Open Intern Positions Available

( ask how to recieve school units or community service hour credits ) Web Masters, Street Team Promoters, Music Producers, Video Flimer/Editor, Studio Engineers, Writers/Editors, Artists, Photographers, Singers, Rappers, Designers, Sales, Public Relations. G-City Management, the owner of Cellar Recording Studios and Calibay.com and a proud fiscal sponsor of Youth Cultivate 2000, is pleased to announce several exciting intern job like opportunities for individuals who are willing to bring with them the drive, dedication, consistency and determination that it will take to keep our company both growing and prosperous in such a competitive industry. We at G-City Management, are looking to recruit individuals from various ethnic backgrounds and ages who are very dependable, ambitious, creative, self-motivated, as well as being able to work independently in an effective and efficient manner, the ability to absorb and understand information that is given to you and the ability to relay and teach that information to others so that they are able to work just as independently as you are able to. You must also be able to handle constructive criticism and to use that criticism to learn and grow professionally for the benefit of the company’s goals and objectives.

Individual assignments will be given in order to both keep our company looking fresh and to keep our company running on a very high competitive level. Whether you’re a web surfer, partygoer, or whatever your educational background may be, if you think you have the skills, knowledge and the stamina to support our company’s goals and objectives, then WE WANT AND NEED YOU NOW!

Please read below the list of our current job openings to determine what area or areas you may be able to help us with.

Video Manager

Requirements: mature attention span, able to work a video recorder,be alert, be an affiliate of a media firm, knowledge of video editing program, creative, able to complete tasks, create film data base of activities, able to be in one position for long period of time.


Requirements: able to write well, work independently, be creative, have knowledge of company and products, motivated, aggressive yet respectful, goal setter, professional, polite,
able to complete tasks, basic math skills, willing to travel through out Bay AreA.


Requirements: be familiar with public transportation, location of movie theaters, malls, mom & pop stores, special events, schools, Bay Area hang outs, be polite, professional, outgoing, creative and work independently, aware of upcoming events, be sociable, willing to travel through out Bay AreA.


Requirements: be punctual, dependable, trust worthy, fast learner, able to give constructive criticism, must work well with others, multi tasks,learn to run recording studio from mixing, CD burning, help attendees get sessions completed with satisfactory adjusting mic levels determine speaker volume to be appropriate for the particular project, saving projects to particular folders, know where sounds are in program example drums,horns,strings,piano etc. recording final projects to dat,tape,CD some basic math might be required.

Web Master

Requirements: Be prepared to conduct daily uploads of newly obtained information or current event fliers. Creating, then upon review and approval, adding web pages to the server for a designated preview section on a biweekly basis. Adding links to web pages upon request. Assuring that our website is in working order by going through each page each morning and monitoring any errors. Determining the source of the errors and fixing them. Examining any errors or issues that are brought to your attention, via e-mail, and making all necessary adjustments. The web intern both manages and always strives to improve the current processes of our web design and layout. Any requests for website modification must be completed in a timely manner. Also provides recommendations for creating trends to increase traffic.

Please send resume to internship@callybay.com

Note: When applying for positions please include all relevant material, and reference the position your applying for.