Greetings HWYM is here to offer support to sustain a marriage commitment by mediating thru this online opportunity.  Which allows the necessary communication to be available while even at work and or when a conversation is not possible or maybe when the current situation is at a point that arguments arise during conversation because of the emotions existing because of the unsettled matter.  Thanks to great technology; now we are able link our phone devices to our emails thus allowing notifications to be silently and discretely made and abled to be responded to based on many work force environments.  

Ongoing counseling a unique development to the traditional approach many may not be finically capable of affording or may not be around subtable around both couples work schedules in todays economy.  Yet No matter how creative our development and approach is; 
Our services will only work if YOU MRS. xxxxx xxxxxx And YOU MR. xxxxx xxxxxx are willing and to wanting to sustain your marriage commitment !!!   
Remember Attitude is Key
When it comes to improving a marriage, attitude toward change is more important than what action is needed to be taken if anger frustration or any other negativity is nourished it will hinder the change effects.
Effective change requires faith, love and consistency.  Faith in God.  You both believe in God so here is where you apply the word of God. Where its written God Never Gives Us Believers More Than We Can Bare.  Incorporate God more in your marriage as well.  Love is what you have for each other which is why a bond has been in existence for xxxxx days today, and consistency taking actions and steps to want to continue to love and build a stronger and better bond. 
If you want to create a win-win solution, you cannot hold a position that has caused the one you married to lose in the past.
Helpwithyourmarraige designed to give you ideas, strategies and tactics that have proven successful for many couples. Prior to implementing any of these strategies, please be sure they make sense to you and fit your situation.
Staying mad getting even is nothing but the devil on the loose the devil wants you upset wants you to not have faith in God the devil doesn't want bonds of happiness and families to grow and be continue to be examples of ways to live positive and successful
the devil is a hater and hates to see progress your home has been infiltrated and the step now is to cast the devil out by allowing all negativity to be released the word says we are not perfect as well so an immediate change may take work which is where consistency of the two of you must be asserted to continue to show why you are happy to be married appreciate your wife appreciate your husband.  Understand each other tell the truth and support each other in fixing the problem and get to a better plateu in your many plates to come as you journey proceeds onward towards your life long commitment of Marriage.

Each correspondence using Mr and Ms hill should be sent to including these emails are private and will not be shared or published by including we are able to mediate and offer the service of course we recommend positive communication is made at home out at dinners on drives on getaways thru cards etc. This system is only a tool to utilize. 

Our Motto: "Could Be Worse"   "So don't make it worse"

set if you have not your cell phone to link to this email address so you can get messages as long as your phone is powered up also select vibrate should you be in a no cell phone surrounding take these extra steps your marriage is worth it....   

after discussion if YOU MRS. xxxx xxxxx  And YOU MR. xxxxx xxxxx should want to continue to receive Help With Your Marriage both of you confirm by sending a email from your accounts leaving in  SUBJECT LINE: Where do we start 

You then will receive correspondence shortly (please do not text and drive)  

God Bless And Stay Married